Work With Me

Work With Me

Keen to work with itisaditijain? You have reached the right page.

If you’re a blogger, like my content and you write about similar topics, feel free to contact me for collaborations.
Please read the below sections so we are on the same page from the beginning.

Round-up Post

I’m always looking to collaborate with bloggers for new opportunities. It’s the best way to grow your tribe. If you’re interested in collaborating in a round-up post, then reach out to me and we can discuss the topics that are currently open.

What will you provide?

A write up in a min. of 100-150 words related to the topic. It should consist of the What, Why and how of the topic.

How will you benefit?

Space for you to showcase your write-up.
A backlink to your website or social media handles where you want to drive traffic on.
Mentions in my Social Media Posts and Stories.

Guest Posting

I would love to guest post for and with you!

If you’re interested in having my blog featured somewhere, swapping blog posts, or have any collaboration ideas, then I hear you.

Let me know what are your requirements and I shall get back to you in 48 hours.

Product Service Review

Do you have a freebie or a book or your services that you want your review on? I am your gal!

I will personally go through what you have to offer and give a review for it.
All opinions will be my own 100% honest.

Some words for you

I love interacting and hearing from you guys!

If you liked my posts and want to hear more about stuff I haven’t written yet or have some recommendations for me, feel free to drop me a line! Don’t hesitate to reach out. Hoping to see you there.

Have questions? Drop them in the contact form below.

or You can reach out to me on Instagram, (That’s where I am most active)

Hope we connect soon!!!
Till then,

*Note that the above content is subject to change.