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What's Included?

What we will do

  1. Go over your goals on social media
  2. Improve your Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn for more sales and engagement
  3. Audit your current approach and improve it for maximum result
  4. Improve your business on social media
  5. Solutions to your problems


Where are you based?

I am based in Mumbai, India, but I am available to work remotely for businesses anywhere in the world.

What are the charges for the call?

The charges for the Social Strategy Consultation Call are mentioned when you book the call. The prices may go up soon so book your call now.

Are there any bonuses?

Yess! You'll be receiving TWO of my PAID Ebooks for FREE.

What is the duration of the call?

The call can be for 30 minutes or ONE hour, i.e., 60 minutes, depending on what you decide.

What's the process for the consultation call?

You pick a time at your convenience and pay the fees. And then you come with your list of questions, a notebook, and a pen (your notes' app would work too!) and get answers and clarity.

What topics can I ask questions about?

Instagram strategy, LinkedIn optimisation, personal branding, content creation, freelancing - you name it, and we will talk about it.
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